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About maxium energy savers

Your Chimney is an Important Part of Your Home.
It’s your ventilation system for all dangerous fumes. Whether you have gas, oil, a fireplace, wood burning stove or any heating system you most likely have a chimney AKA (Flue Pipe). Think of it as an exhaust system, like the one on your car. Deadly gases like carbon monoxide travel through your flue and out of your house to keep you and your family out of danger. After years and years of use just like anything in life without proper maintenance can cause severe issues. It is highly recommended to have any chimney that is in use inspected every year. There are a lot of misconceptions about gas flues. Gas flues do burn a lot cleaner than others, but are still recommended to be cleaned every two years and inspected every year. Gas produces a white acidic film that sits on brick and terracotta. After time like any other acid it will deteriorate the inner flue of your chimney causing cracks, holes and leaks. 

Lining systems are the best way to conserve energy on your heating systems by creating a cyclone flow for your exhaust. No blockages can occur with a lining system because they are a direct pipe made of stainless steel that vents out the top of your chimney. At Maximum we only believe in using the highest quality materials. We do not use galvanized liners because they are a low grade aluminum and will rust after time causing you to have to replace it within a few short years. The lining systems we use have a lifetime manufacturers guaranty on them. They also save you up to 15% percent on your heating bill. 

Caps are a good way of protecting your chimney from weathering and keeping away our neighborhood animals like squirrels, birds, raccoons, etc... They can also be used to increase draft like turbine caps. We use nothing but top quality stainless steel just like our liners. Galvanized rusts and we want to use materials that are going to last.


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